Monday, September 01, 2008


so, stayed at the bellagio this weekend.

my life is very much like ocean's 11. [hahaha, remember in that one movie, where hugh grant lives in the hotel and says his life is very much like monopoly? what's that movie, where sandra bullock eats all the time and loves the environment and hugh grant's an ass?]

b [stepping into the elevator as the doors close]: oh, sorry! i think i left my phone down at the pool, and i'm running down to find it.
fellow bellagio guest: you know what, though? even if someone finds it, i bet they'll turn it in.
b: yeah?
fbg: yeah, my friend lost hers yesterday, and someone totally turned it in. i think it's because everyone here's like... rich? and they don't need a phone, you know?
b: yeah... [i was thinking, randomly, of the time my students told me that my phone was about to get "jacked" when it was sitting on the table next to me at the restaurant. i was like, by whom? the fourteen of you, in my homeroom?]

now. was she thinking that i was a rich person, and speaking to me about rich people things? or was she [correctly, judging by my exclusively old navy and target clothing] assuming that i was observing all the rich people from somewhere much more teacher-y?

she was a little bit fancy. so i think she was rich. and she probably thought i was rich, too, right? or else that would be kind of a rude thing to say. so maybe i'm rich-looking. yay? or not?

my filet at stack was the best thing ever. not just the best steak ever, but the best THING i have EVER EATEN. and the colorist from shear genius was there. after his day of hanging out with BRITNEY SPEARS. and also, someone saw leonardo dicaprio.

i mean, i'm basically famous.

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  1. The movie you're thinking of is Two Weeks Notice. :) And you are totally famous!