Tuesday, April 28, 2009

near-death experiences, the kindness of strangers.

guys. i fell down the stairs today. i fell DOWN THE STAIRS today. getting off the el, going down the scary metal stairs, surrounded by people, i tripped over my too-long pants and tumbled. in slow-motion in my head, but i still don't have a clear idea of what happened before i landed on my back and everyone was standing over me looking panicked. clues: i have a slightly skinned head, shoulder, and knee. AND my favorite work pants are ruined, which is really a shame. and i lost the battery cover to my phone. sigh.

um, it was really scary. i think in one of those instinctive, oh-my-God-i'm-falling, actual bodily danger kind of ways - enough so that after it was over, i called my mom and cried and cried. [her comments: "awwwwwwwwww honeyyyyy. that IS scary!" "you'll be sore tomorrow. go to bed early." "i guess you don't have osteoporosis!"]

everyone i've told asked if people helped me. of COURSE people helped me! i was blocking the stairs. but a very nice man helped me up, and his girlfriend and another girl found my phone and the battery, and they were all very concerned to find out if i was okay. i was like, "um, well [mentally taking stock of body parts] i feel okay - do i LOOK okay?" but i had to convince them that i was really all right, you know? and i really appreciated it. and i told my mom, and i'll tell you all, that it really made me think that if i had actually gotten hurt there would have been people to take care of me. also, nice job by my reflexes!

after taking stock of myself, a few hours later - i look okay, if you don't look to closely at my knee, shoulder, or forehead. hopefully i'll be all healed up before i have to wear that one tea-length green dress...

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