Monday, January 25, 2010

at CVS.

so i don't like CVS, since there's a walgreens across the street from school. that's the only reason. and the checkout people are all unfamiliar, not like the ones i love at walgreens. so today, at CVS, there was a checkout guy who was maybe 20 years old and maybe kind of a dudebro. and i got into awkwardness by accident. i swear.

cg: do you have an extra care card?
b: nope, but can i give you my number? [pause] i mean... for the card? to look it up?

then we laughed awkwardly. and i thought about how much more comfortable i would be if i had made that joke on purpose.

roommate and i are laughing at the 2012 commercial that calls it "the best disaster movie ever." i mean, since your movie is already a disaster, it might as well be a comparatively good disaster...

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