Monday, January 11, 2010

"this is something that we take incredibly serious."

is everyone watching the bachelor right now? i'm pretty much liveblogging.

first, a woman is getting kicked off for having a relationship with a staffer. apparently the producers decided that this will keep her from "having a meaningful relationship with jake." jake, you know, who is currently dating fifteen women. i don't get how everyone's all, "well, this is extremely serious and evil and important. she must leave in shame." HE HAS A HAREM. jdksalhjlfdsa.

second, she says, "i don't think my personal life is anyone's business." hahaaaaaaa. reality TV's a bitch, huh?

also, ADVERBS. HONESTLY. you're on TV, people. [although i did feel slightly uncomfortable watching chris give the teacher-style discipline lecture. do i sound that awkward? yes.]

ooooh, now the ROSE is DYING. okay, i have to stop. i've already been yelling at the TV for about an hour. okay, one more thing. can we stop calling them "girls"? thanks.

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