Wednesday, April 14, 2010

an original and unpredictable show.

okay, this is what happens when you watch too much SVU.

me: you missed the crime!!
B: hahhhahahahhaa oh no.
how will I ever follow the plot.
9:10 PM me: oh, i think this is the one where the victim gets upset.
B: is it the one where stabler gets angry at the criminal?
9:11 PM me: oh, i think it's the one where olivia gets personally involved.
B: or the one where Olivia is the only one who truly understands the pain the victim is feeling.
me: wait, OR it's the one where stabler gets in trouble.
B: wait, we're both wrong. it's the one where cragen is there for expositional purposes only.
9:12 PM me: i think this is the one that's really informative about the different viewpoints about a controversial issue.
B: hold on... it's the one with the deli.
me: HAHAHAHA, it's the one with the unrelated creepy guy!
B: ah, now I remember, it's the one with the convenient unrelated - I swear to God I was just typing that.

yeah, we went on for the whole episode. it's possible. this show is awesome.

currently watching the SNL clip whatever show that's on. um, does everyone remember the "lazy sunday" skit? some of the cast members are saying it's the first thing they saw on youtube, ever. is that right? i have reflected before that college would have been a lot different with youtube. [insert short wikipedia research period.] youtube happened in february 2005, and this short was in december 2005. iiiinteresting. i'm so into recent history.

OMG DICK IN A BOX. wait. they can't say "dick" at this hour? hahahaha. did they not say it originally? that part i don't remember. they're saying lorne told them to bleep it because it was the christmas episode and a lot of kids would be watching.

note: the other awesome thing about this show is the 20-second clips of the musical guests.


  1. How do you not conclude this post with a reference to your rage at the way it ended and your need to consult a lawyer friend for back-up? :)

  2. hahahaha, yes. it ended with one of those incomprehensible crime show moments in which the DA says, "we can't prosecute, because of this random law procedural thing" and everyone watching goes, "man, i know NOTHING about the law." except for those of us with brilliant lawyer friends who use them to answer our outraged questions.