Thursday, August 05, 2010

i am cool and awesome.

so today, i had a taste of how awesome my life could be.

i was at a workshop that started at nine. close to my house. and i have margaret's car. and guys, there is something about leaving my house when it's already light out, and people are outside by choice [not, like, because their dog jumped on them to go outside or they have to go to work so so early] that makes me feel so, so happy. what if i had to be at work at nine every day? i could, like, let the birds chirping wake me up.

so as i was leaving the workshop, this guy pulled up next to me just blasting some very emotional rock music. it wasn't "it's been a while" by staind [i know, sooo 2001], but it was a song very much like that. so just imagine that's what it was. and he had his windows down, too, and his music was so loud that i couldn't hear my NPR story. and then i didn't want to be all awkward, because i knew he'd see me if i started blasting all things considered and it was all, "I'M MAURA LIASON. IN WASHINGTON TODAY..."

so i just waited until we started moving again. i wasn't really following the story very well anyway. and i am cool and awesome.

p.s. okay, i research my blog posts. just a little. and the wikipedia page on "it's been awhile [sic]" is a prime example of why wikipedia is hilarious and awesome. i'd like to especially point out the use of "probably," as in "probably the band's best-known song," and the super-serious discussion of the lyrics. i'm confident this will remain unchanged when you click the link later on.

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