Sunday, January 27, 2008

for good.

so, had the perfect day yesterday. here's how.

1. wake up happy.
2. go to brunch with one of your favorite people.
3. go to a wedding show where everyone's nice to you because your friend is getting married. cry a little when the knife lady is talking about how her knives will last a lifetime.
4. have lunch with your roommate and her mom.
5. on a whim, go see wicked. charm the ticket guy. freak out the entire show.
6. impress people on the train with your cell phone ring.
7. go home and put on pajamas.
8. eat pizza and drink a bottle of yellowtail shiraz.
9. watch law and order: svu.
10. have friends over so they can make fun of you.

i mean, so awesome.

also, the knot guide for the groom came in the mail for our favorite roommate's fiance. it's hilarious. also kind of sad. por ejemplo:
your fiancee wants the honeymoon to be in bora-bora, but your budget requires something closer to home. what do you say?
a. i hate foreigners.
b. well, maybe if you hadn't spent so much money on three kinds of useless flowers for the ceremony...
c. sounds great, but we'll have more time on the beach if we fly somewhere closer to home.
i mean, what? this just in: stereotypes against men also exist.

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  1. "5. on a whim, go see wicked. charm the ticket guy. freak out the entire show."

    I think this deserves it's own post.

    Also, are 7-10 in order? I'm tempted to say no, but then I remember who writes this blog so... yes. Most definitely.