Sunday, January 27, 2008

that's what Jesus said...

so the other morning on the bus, there was this drunk lady. she slept for most of the time i was on the bus, with her head on her knees. she wasn't wearing a coat, and when she woke up it was pretty obvious from her clothes and her makeup that she'd been out all night.

now, here are a few possible responses i saw.

1. keep your ipod on, and shrug and smile when someone gives you the "what's up with her?" look. try to radiate friendliness to her somehow, without speaking. don't stare, but don't look away. [this is what i did. i know, it's sort of a complicated plan.]
2. take a picture of her with your cell phone, like a jerk.
3. offer her your shirt, like Jesus said to do.

seriously, this guy took off his coat, took off his flannel shirt [he was wearing a t-shirt under it], walked up to the front of the bus, and offered the shirt to her. now, she didn't take it. but wow. we all just sat there like, that's it. that's the thing that everyone knows is right, but no one actually does. and bonus points for doing something that Jesus actually addressed.

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