Sunday, January 06, 2008

i know the west wing isn't real, but...

Often unable to surf the electricity he sparked over the last year, Obama has now put on his laurel wreath and dropped his languid pose, tapping directly into what he calls the “fire burning” across the country — the dream of a cool, smart, elegant, reasonable, literary, witty, decent “West Wing” sort of president who won’t bankrupt us or endanger us or co-opt our rights or put a black hood on the Constitution.
see, i was on to something in my last post. i could totally be maureen dowd, if i had better hair and were really, really mean.

i just watched the west wing state of the union episode from season 1 ["he shall, from time to time..."] in which toby convinces the president to cut the line "the era of big government is over." he says, "i have no doubt that the line tested well, but i don't think that means we should say it. i think it means we should... change it."

so, if you like that, i'd recommend the opinion article by michael kinsley about how all the candidates are talking about "change" without really meaning anything.

[incidentally, toby was talking about FDR - but i think what kinsey is saying is that we don't need a "new deal" in a time when most americans are doing well.]

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