Sunday, June 29, 2008

apple bottom jeannnnns

just returned from a lovely wedding weekend with lovely friends, lots of taco bell, the kind of rap we listened to in college, and really cheap drinks - and, incidentally, some of the worst service i've ever had. i always claim that steak and shake has really bad service and no one believes me except people who have lived in a particular small city in northern indiana.

waitress: can you just pass these waters down, so i don't have to walk around all retarded?
us: [blink blink]

we had some dirty silverware [you know, the usjjj]...
b: can we have some more silverware?
waitress: [looks around] well, it looks like everyone has some.
b: [for once, doesn't know what to say]

of course, the steakburgers [and chicken melt, ahem ahem] were totally worth it. once they came. it's really odd when the service is so slow at a place like that, because you can see the waitress... and the people making the food... so, i mean, what's taking so long?

oh, "usjjj" is how we're spelling the short form of "usual." just wanted to keep you all on the up-and-up.

overheard on the train today - "the man my mom was living with is a convicted felon. like, he's doing three to five. and it's a PROBLEM that i'm GAY?" i mean, good point.

you know who it's not a problem with? these kids


  1. oh hey. a few things.

    1. "usjjj" is a strange abbrev., seeing as how it has just as many letters as "usual."

    2. I remember hearing about the pink clothes story. As far as I can see, the whole thing was just about the right to wear pink clothes. I don't remember the kids saying anything about sexual orientation being a factor in their protest. I guess it could be implicit. Oh well. I suppose challenging gender stereotypes is never a bad thing. But who wants to wear pink shirts anyway? They were co-opted by the fratboy set along time ago.

  2. oooh, good comments, kev.

    1. it's more of a way to spell the abbreviation that you would use when you're speaking. and THAT is undeniably shorter. obvi.

    2. looking at the article again, you're totally right [i think the article made it to because they called the kid gay] - but i'll still get behind kids demonstrating for the right to wear what they want and not be bullied. [on a related note, i'm pretty sure i saw a man wearing a skirt i own on sunday. looked nice.]

    3. what colors have NOT been co-opted by the fratboy set? i ask you.