Monday, June 02, 2008

"sorry for eavesdropping, but it's kind of our job."

so, hung out with some undercover cops the other night. and by that i mean, we were sitting awkwardly close to some undercover cops at thai bowl [they had gotten all un-undercover by then, but they were still wearing awkward fake-college clothes] and accidentally hit on them.

and by that i mean, a certain friend of mine giggled and said, "i've never been this close to a weapon before." if you read this blog or know me at all, you know that i thought that was hilarious. so did most of the cops.

short selection of comments:
- it's a pretty powerful weapon!
- he's got handcuffs, too.
- he's got LOTS of equipment. a flashlight?
- he can be the cop.
- awww man, i ALWAYS have to be the cop.

they invited us to go on a ride-along with them afterwards. we said sorry, we didn't bring our bulletproof vests. they said they have extras, because most of them don't wear them. [eeek.] still, though, we passed on that one - if only for the fear that, as the same friend said, they were more interested in taking clothes off than in giving us more clothes. right.

rode the train to midway this weekend, and it struck me [not for the first time] how weird it is that the train says, "this is midway, as far as this train goes." i always think, what, does each individual train get to decide? like, as far as THIS train goes, we're at midway. but i was in the middle of telling my brother about this, and he said, what, it doesn't go all the way? 

when i arrived in manchester [the one in new hampshire], i saw two signs that are not supposed to be hilarious.
1. "dunkin donuts gets you running." dunkin donuts gives you the runs? anyone?
2. "sizzling cold - welcome to manchester, the gateway to northern new england." it was a coke ad, but still. sizzling cold? that's what we're promoting?

little girl on the plane: [pointing] is HE stranger danger? is SHE stranger danger?
her mom: umm, honey, don't point.

so last week, i meant to blog about how you should never sing on public transportation. [this was inspired by a group of 60ish women singing some song - i forget what, but it was something like "you don't own me." they were doing that fake-bad voice, too.] but then, on the orange line, two girls from this group of maybe five teenagers stood up and started singing, gospel-style. 

they were just okay, but what i liked was this little interaction:
- they're going to kick you off the train.
- they don't know who i AM. you know that guy who says "doors closing"? that's my dad.


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  1. funny story. Also, I am the photographer of your header image. I'm glad you liked it enough to use (and give me credit).