Monday, July 07, 2008

"to run, and not grow weary..."

i love these boys who love the subway. i think we'd really get along. my favorite memory of riding the T when i was a kid was my dad telling us that you could ride it all day for one token, as long as you didn't go upstairs. all day, eh? 

we watched trains a lot as kids. some of you know that i still have trouble remembering that usually people don't like it when they're stopped by a train, driving - we used to try really hard to be the FIRST car behind the gate.

speaking of which, i spent a lot of time with my extended family this week, which means:
1. i drank lots of pinot grigio with ice.
2. i went shopping at discount stores, twice.
3. i talked at length about the weather.
4. i ate lobster four times.

i'm doing this couch to 5k thing, which is lovely so far. [it's like, "do you hate running, even though everyone always says it's so awesome?" and i'm like, "YES! sign me up!"] but anyway, there are these podcasts of each running program that tell you when to run and when to walk, and one of them is a christian music podcast. the guy says, "well, i downloaded [a podcast] and ran to it, but being a christian, i wanted to jam to some good christian tunes while running." i don't think i'm comfortable with that. it's also weird being part of a religion that comes with so much stuff.

you know what else i'm uncomfortable with? a girl in a triangle bikini running. not, like, incidentally running on the beach. like, i'm going to go running and put on a string bikini top instead of a sports bra. that cannot be comfortable at ALL.

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