Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"glory, like a sunset..."

you know how sometimes you put your itunes 25 most played on shuffle and hear "glory" from rent and start rocking out? oh, just me? right.

i'm having trouble believing that maureen dowd posted whom not to marry without irony, but here it is. when i was in high school, they used to warn us against thinking we'd marry the guys we were dating by saying, "someday you'll have kids... and they'll end up JUST LIKE HIM." lots of shudders at that, i remember.

also, i'm going to have to agree with the aclu on this one - pants? really? especially when, as the article notes, there are so many "inappropriate" ways that women dress and somehow remain, you know, unpunished. could it be that many of the lawmakers and law enforcers are men? [please watch the youtube clip if you'd like to hear "apple bottom jeans" again. and i know you would.]

[knock, knock, knock] ... the door.

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