Friday, July 11, 2008

can you feel the love tonight?

g: if you don't think sam adams is great, you're an idiot.
m: okay, jafar...

best comeback ever? yes. and of course it led straight to a discussion of which disney princess is the hottest, with lots of competition between belle [good news for me, i think] and nala, when she rolls over and has those "come-hither" eyes... i mean, not the first time i've heard nala described as hot by guys who are usually normal.

read on a stranger's whiteboard - "dogs are the opposite of starfish." i've been thinking about this a lot. anyone want to tell me what this means? dogs' limbs don't regenerate? starfish can't catch a stick? but they can both SWIM...

some articles i've liked in the past few days:
little omaba on how her dad can be embarrassing, with some obama parenting techniques thrown in.
this piece on young men who discern the priesthood, which is funny if it sounds familiar at all to you. not sure if i'm a fan of this blog, but this particular piece is too on-the-mark not to post.
on the disadvantages of an elite education, oh shit - although, i do think that if you want to learn to talk to people who aren't like you, you should just ride the CTA. the most interesting part for me was the part about fake deadlines and second chances and grade inflation. i really had too few professors who could tell me that the work i'd turned in wasn't my best. think it's true?

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