Monday, July 14, 2008

breeziness, ice cream.

so i was watching friends the other night, the episode ["the one where monica and richard are friends"] in which rachel reads the shining and joey reads little women. and i noticed that, throughout the episode, ross is reading race by studs terkel [which, google tells me, david schwimmer later made into a play].
monica: but it's okay. it's okay, it's okay, because, you know, it was like a casual, breezy message. it was breezy! oh God, what if it wasn't breezy?
phoebe: how could it not be breezy? no, because you're in such a breezy place.
[on message] "... so, let me know. or don't, whatever. i'm breezy!"
joey: hey, you can't say you're breezy! that totally negates the breezy!
those weren't actually from that episode. they're from the episode i'm watching now. anyway, in honor of david schwimmer, studs terkel, and coincidence, here are two things that just happened related to race.

1. these girls were looking at an ice cream truck, and they had these big character heads made out of ice cream - you all may remember snoopy, from when we were kids. anyway, now they have dora the explorer, and this girl goes, "oooh! those look so good - i bet dora's chocolate!" i was like, umm. i don't think you can say that...

2. this twentysomething black guy got on the bus. wearing a white t-shirt, white shoes, dark jeans, and a sideways sox hat. i don't know what kind of look the people in front of me gave him, but he walked onto the bus going, "it's just a hat, it's just a hat..." i liked it. it reminded me of this brent staples article i read in high school. for some reason, i always remembered the part where he whistles vivaldi when he knows people are nervous around him. [goodsearched "white priviledge whistling vivaldi" to find it.]

watched a few good men the other night. [i often have this conversation with a certain friend who owns this movie but doesn't appreciate good-looking men - "why do YOU like this movie?" "i like the lawyer stuff!"] for the first time in my life, i actually understood what's happening in that movie. i also realized that tom cruise, in the movie, is supposed to be just out of law school. not only was he not yet crazy, but he was also 24 years old when that movie was filmed. we're old, guys. and did everyone else know that tom cruise wanted to be a priest? like, was in the seminary? daaaang.

speaking of which [??], i forgot to post this last week, but was reminded by the homily this weekend - three years ago last sunday [the fourteenth sunday in ordinary time, year a] i was reading at the basilica and had, well, an awkward reading. maybe you remember hearing it a week ago. "see, your king shall come to you; a just savior is he, meek, and riding on an ass, on a colt, the foal of an ass." i remember spending all day freaking out that i had to say "ass" in the basilica. i mean, i had to say "ass" TWICE in the basilica. then, as i was reading, i had one of my first experiences of the downside of being as high-drama as i usually am. maybe if i hadn't freaked out all day, i wouldn't be freaking out now, and i'd be able to ignore the group of my friends smirking at me from a pew directly in front of me...

anyway, thanks, three year cycle of readings, for that little memory.

and lastly, the economics of love. it's a good one. oooh, and before i post, this interesting article on forming habits and advertising.

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