Monday, July 28, 2008

thoughts on traveling to go to the wedding of two people i really love.

my hair, like everything else, is bigger in texas.

dallas love airport has three security lanes - casual traveler, with a silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse, but all slow-like; expert traveler, with a cowboy with a lasso; and families and passengers needing assistance, with a stagecoach. oh, texas. i tried really hard to look casual, like the casual traveler i am.

then, as you walk through security, there's a world map in the floor tile. JUST like in carmen sandiego. remember how hard that game was? i feel like that part was really difficult to win.

"mom! it said to put on my mask first!"

- 4-year-old kid on the plane, who is a good listener.

"how do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?"

- rachel, in "the one where eddie won't leave." i LOVE this episode, where the girls feel all empowered by the book about being your own windkeeper. then they fight.

h: What are you up to?

b: well, moving today!

h: OH my god. That sounds horrible. What are you doing online then?

b: um, well...

okay, fine. here are the articles that the guy ahead of me and across the aisle was reading. i didn't think it was okay to ask him for his magazine, so i'll be reading them when i have time and internet again.

the pursuit of teen girl purity, about those purity balls.

subsidized in the city, about people who still take money from their parents.

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