Friday, July 18, 2008

metaphors and non-metaphors.

"it just seems like people want big government when it benefits them and small government when it benefits them." - guy having an intense conversation with the used bookstore worker. [i mean, the worker in the used bookstore. just to clarify my modifiers.]

i mean, you think? i wanted to alert him to this piece of great satire -  "no values voters" looking to support most evil candidate.  the video's just okay, but YEAH for the idea. it's almost like we're all trying to do what's best. not that i'm a complete relativist, but i'm just saying - people have good intentions. a lot.

this week's episode of this american life made me cry. okay, this post has been sitting here unwritten for so long that now it's last week's episode - "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." i always really love dan savage [whose sex advice column, it turns out, is a little less feel-good than his usual TAL contributions], and this piece contains some of my favorite things - religion, love, gay marriage, little kids, and sappiness. starts about 18 minutes into the episode, and i'm warning you, it turned me into that crying girl on the CTA bus. in a good way, though.

from the movie definitely, maybe [which i recommend], on the question of what we want to do with our lives - "i don't know. i don't know HOW to know, you know?"

has everyone read this article, about oversharing online? i feel like i remember when it was new...

Like most people, I tend to use the language of addiction casually, as in, “I can’t wait for the new season of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to start — I’m totally going through withdrawal.” And when talking about how immersed I became in my online life, I’m tempted to use this language because it provides such handy metaphors. It’s easy to compare the initial thrill of evoking an immediate response to a blog post to the rush of getting high, and the diminishing thrills to the process of becoming inured to a drug’s effects. The metaphor is so exact, in fact, that maybe it isn’t a metaphor at all.

anyway, i really love that paragraph. save it in the "i'd like to write like this" file.

oh, and try to get your friends to click on then giggle.

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