Sunday, January 11, 2009

the word of the day!!

had the most amazing conversation the other day.

c: i love that bus! it stops right in front of this amazing shoe repair place.
s: why would you get shoes repaired? just get new ones.
b: actually! in this economy,* business is booming for shoe repair places. i saw it on the news. [pause] and i'm really glad we're having this conversation, because i wasn't sure when i was going to use that information...

now, some of you may know that i kind of hate the local news. i seriously saw a story recently that used the teaser, "mp3 players may be good for your health! stay tuned." and the story was about how people work out for longer when they listen to music. HONESTLY. this is not NEWS. but i watched it anyway, because i thought it was going to be something NEW and AWESOME. and that's what i hate about the local news.

but! i do remember, from when i was living in middle middle america, that i had a hard time following conversations if i hadn't watched the news. and i certainly used the local news in conversation this weekend. so here's my question - is the cultural zeitgeist** [so to speak] determined by the news, or is it the other way around?

* bonus points for using "in this economy" in every conversation. try it. you'll be amazed at how relevant it seems. i mean, it's certainly relevant in the local news.
** "zeitgeist" is the word of the day.

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