Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Criticism and helpful advice.

I'm such a sucker for articles about something I already think about a lot. So in that vein, what to do with your laptop (or other stuff for that matter) when you're working at an internet cafe and have to go to the bathroom. Right?!

A headline that makes me giggle, for some reason - Pope Explains How to Help Jesus. Hehehehe. Like, "Listen, guys. Jesus needs our help. Let me lay it out for you, one more time." What does Jesus need from us right now? And why does the pope need to explain it in so much detail? The article's actually fine (about priests, though, which isn't clear from the headline), but I think the person who wrote the headline is the same person who writes the chapter headings on DVDs of The West Wing. (This might appeal to a very small percent of my readership, but seriously. They're strange, bad-punny, and often only tangentially related to the show. I mean, Aaron Sorkin isn't writing them.)

I'm thinking of switching to capital letters. That is, I'm thinking of being grammatically correct. It's the influence of iPhone auto-correct, I think. Big life change, after ten years or so of insisting on lowercase everything - what do you all think?

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