Tuesday, March 04, 2008


more from the bus files.

t: how was your weekend?
b: pretty good. i was getting sick, but then i was proactive with my sleep, so i think i successfully avoided a cold. [note that by "was proactive with sleep" i mean "slept from 7 pm to 8:30 am, no problem." not kidding around with the sleep here.]
man with cane: i'm always proactive with my sleep!
t and b: [variations on] yeah! sleep's great...
[decently long pause. not awkward, though. you know, it's a bus.]
mwc: the economy's no good. even if you try to do something, nothing happens. so you might as well sleep!

well said, man with cane.

i'm going to go ahead and recommend this lovely free download of "we throw parties, you throw knives" - it's been rocking my life for about a week now. thanks to kevin and his affinity to british pop, and check with him if you need to know what "fizzy drinks" are.

and ohio WOULD surprise everyone. oh, the heart of it all.

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