Sunday, March 23, 2008

out like trout.

this one is brought to you by my incurable habit of saving AIM conversations [let's be honest, gmail reads my mind by automatically saving chats], the whole-computer search on my ibook, and a recent visit from a lovely friend.

to understand this, i think you need to understand that we used to say "out like trout" a lot, and this was when the cubs and marlins were in the world series. i'm 1, she's 2, according to our former screen names. [she's the cubs fan. i'm just a nice person.]

in a conversation dated 10-08-03...
1: are you watching the WINNING cubs?
2: oh man, i'm buried in a city of books, but you saying that has made me very, very happy
1: they are winning 5-0, top of 3rd
2: oh SCORE
2: well done, cubs.
2: let's u not let this one get away
2: marlins, ha
1: HA
2: (headline I saw today: the one that got away)
2: thus, not original material
1: ohhh yeah
1: out like the marlins
1: !!!!
2: hahahahaha...hmmm, they're going to be like fish out of water tonight...
1: i think we've got this game hooked
2: All we have to do is reel it in
1: [link to gamecast]
1: if you're tempted
2: OH no, this is dangerous.
2: I am
2: Shoot.
2: it's only the 3rd
1: shoot.
1: i know.
2: this is going to be like an oil spill to my homework
1: (speechless)
2: There is just... line after line... of things to read
2: ok these sins are getting mortal
1: read away... i have lines to write...
2: but i'm NET going to stop
2: um, er
2: I baiter go
1: quit carping about it
2: I have a crappie attitude.
1: i'll talk to you again in a minnow
2: I need to get my bass in gear.
2: HA! That was quite the hook.
2: (this conversation = going to be saved like a whale)
1: well cast.
2: That sea-med brilliant.
2: Maybe because it was.
1: it was cool like chilean sea bass.
2: fincredible
1: bassome.
1: sharkadelic.
1: reelly...
1: work! go! this is not a lazy sunday of fishing!
2: !!
2: I am
2: dot dot dot
2: OUT like TROUT
1: until then!
2: (dives into homework)

man. how great is gamecast? and BASEBALL SEASON?

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