Wednesday, March 19, 2008

see, i'm not from around here.

so i'm in a strange city. at first i didn't think people were as friendly here as they are at home. on further reflection, i've decided it's just that i think people are extra-friendly when i'm at home. it's like how i feel safer in my own neighborhood than i do in neighborhoods that are probably equally safe. anyone want to back me up on this?

customer at caribou coffee: just a coffee. can i get a medium? i don't have to tell you tall, grande, venti - it's not THAT place, is it?
saleslady: no, sir! this is car-i-BOU.

lots to blog about. but here's the thing that really brought me back to the blog.

i was crossing the street to get to caribou coffee. so the walk light had just come on, and i was crossing to get to caribou, and a few people were crossing towards me. they had to stop because a black jetta came from behind me and turned left onto the street we were crossing without yielding to them. now, this is clearly against the law, but the jetta wasn't going fast or anything. and the reason i know this is that one of the men walking threw his coffee at the windshield of the car as it drove by. threw it hard, at the driver's side, and then just kept walking as the coffee exploded all over the windshield [and, incidentally, onto my jacket]. the jetta slowed down, probably to avoid actually hitting someone while the driver's vision was compromised. or to see what the coffee-thrower would do, which was walk on, visibly annoyed and coffeeless. see, for me, not having my coffee would just make things worse. then again, i don't usually throw my coffee at strangers.

last note right now - at first, i really wanted an iphone so that i could look up maps and addresses at all times. then i discovered the ability to text google, which is fabulous. now i want an iphone so i can blog at any time. i kind of feel like mobile blogging is already a thing, though. later on...

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