Monday, March 03, 2008

get out the vote

had a friend ask me to influence the ohio primaries today, which brought back memories of election day 2004. wow. i was on duty that tuesday night, which i always hated, because of my deep and abiding love for $3 pitchers at corby's. so, every time i was on rounds, i would check the big tv, and it didn't look good. i stayed up a little bit late, i think, but the results still weren't in. i was student teaching all day every wednesday that semester, so i was in a bad mood anyway. then i got home and had about five messages like, "thanks a LOT, ohio. jerks."

i was like, um, sorry? not sure if you know how elections work, but i put my vote in...

i kind of miss voting in ohio. it was always exciting. [especially the time i was working the polls and crazy jean schmidt came in! to vote for herself! with her sequined american flag t-shirt and helmet hair!] but i'm pretty sure it would be illegal, at this point.

interesting article about whether scrabulous is good for business... it always seemed like a clear copyright infringement to me, but the nytimes seems pretty sympathetic...

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  1. Ooooh we missed you at Corby's that night!!!!!