Thursday, February 28, 2008

this post is slightly risque.

so lots of weird things happened today. i can't remember most of them, but i remember thinking about how weird today was.

first of all, i love that it's light out in the mornings again - it's making my adventures so much more exciting and less scary. so this morning at the bus stop, a crazy-haired man came up and asked me for a cigarette. [i didn't have one, which reminds me of the time my brother and his friends were thirteen and did a scientific study about who will give you cigarettes. apparently everyone in their experiment said either "sure, here you go" or "no, i don't smoke." no one said "i don't happen to have cigarettes with me at this time," "i have cigarettes but won't share," or, for that matter, "you are thirteen and should not be asking strangers for cigarettes."] anyway, he came back and we had a nice little conversation.

chm: i'm jesus christ. and fuck [the church down the street].
b: oh, yeah?
chm: those fuckers - they [mumble] for three months, and it cost me five hundred dollars.
b: shoot, i'm sorry.
chm: they don't care about anybody. all the money [mumble].
b: oh. shoot.
chm: those fucking jagoffs, they're all hypocrites. fuck the catholic church. they're all fuckers.
b: [momentary pause, blank stare]

okay, and at this point he actually grinned at me [i mean, he had been pretty mad before] and said, "well, not all of them. but MOST of them." and then he laughed, turned around, and walked away.

point to consider: he really did have these beautiful blue eyes. beautiful eyes, for a man with crazy hair and a crazy beard and a definite homeless vibe. so what i'm saying is, maybe he was jesus after all - and, if so, i'm glad he doesn't think we're all fuckers.


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