Friday, February 08, 2008

sick day, continued.

so the tv just said "if you love facebook so much..." and i jumped a little. because i was on facebook, right then. oops. [the commercial was trying to sell me an iphone, which obviously i already want. steve jobs knows me so well.]

i also realized i forgot to report the most blogworthy part of being sick. my doctor asked me what i teach, and here's what happened. [i swear, i wasn't over-sharing again. it's completely relevant that i'm a teacher because i'm exposed to lots of germs, okay?]

d: so, what do you teach?
b: religion.
d: what's that like?
b: um... well, it's a catholic school, so it's catholic religion... i teach ethics, so what's right and wrong...
d: okay, i was just asking, because i've never heard of that kind of religion class before. when i was in medical school, our religion class was called scientific atheism, and we learned why this religion is wrong, why that religion is wrong... [shakes head] i don't know why we needed that.
b: me neither! i think they both go together... i mean, i wouldn't come in here and tell you that God told me i have a sinus infection... [hey, i was sick and off my game, okay?]

note that, as much as my life is an open book to all of you and to various strangers i meet on the street, i don't usually tell people i teach religion. and why? because weird shit always happens. i think the best response i ever got, when i told someone at the bar that i work at a church, was something like, "church, eh? i went to church once..." and he just went on from there.

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