Saturday, February 09, 2008

if you can't say something nice...

okay, this is not okay.

people are going to vote for this man to represent our country? really? is this really who we are?

[this is where to look for the really scary anti-feminist stuff, i think. i'm not usually a fan of a) italics or b) articles that only make me mad, but if you're interested... and if you're diving in this far, you might also muster some outrage for the way she talks about the young generation... and here's a tidy little feminist primary endorsement round-up. i'm not really well-read enough to be "fair and balanced" and i realize that, but see what you think.]

here's the thing - YOU CAN'T ALLOW TALK LIKE THAT AND BE A LEADER. i'm not being oversensitive about this one. and, you know, i'm proud to be the crazy feminist about some things, because someone has to be - but honestly. you can't respond to a slur against half your country's population with "excellent question." in the video, he seems to be more unprepared than anything, and i'm sure he wasn't trying to be malicious - but the feminist bloggers are right. where's the outrage?

bah. remember in 2004, when mccain seemed so normal? i was going to write something about how a lot of women are voting for mccain, but then i guess a woman asked the question, too. bah.

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