Monday, February 04, 2008


greeeat adventures today.

first of all, chicago is one big puddle. it's been raining on and off, so isn't it nice that i carry the biggest purse ever and was well-prepared with my umbrella? i was so inspired by all the buskindness i've seen lately that i shared my umbrella with a stranger. [i recommend doing good deeds, guys. i felt pretty awesome all day because of it, which just goes to show you that all good deeds are selfish.] while we were waiting, we did a little unscientific study about which drivers would notice the huuuuge puddle at the corner and slow down to avoid splashing us. most of them did! nice job, chicago drivers.

postal customer: [holding her letters out of reach] please don't touch these. you're wearing latex gloves. i'm allergic.
post office employee: [looks at hands sadly] see, the only reason i have to wear these is that i'm bleeding. actively bleeding.
pc: could you take them off if i give you a credit card?
poe: [forlornly] guess i'll have to.

i mean, what? not sure how they resolved that one.

meanwhile, MY post office guy was trying to convince me to start an internet knitting business. we had a nice talk about how i could charge exhorbitant prices for handmade designer hats, but the business might take over my life. now, if anyone's an expert in internet mail-order business, it's the post office, right? so today might have changed my life. just letting you all know.

on the internet today, food for thought from nicholas kristof.
A recent CBS News poll found that the single issue that white evangelicals most believed they should be involved in was fighting poverty. The traditional issue of abortion was a distant second, and genocide was third.
things i'm interested in, here:
1. which groups of people we can "fashionably" mock. i mean, really. if we're going to be catholic [read: universal], we have to recognize different forms of religious expression. no, i will no go with you to your friendly neighborhood latin mass. no, i will not allow you to spread hate about my friends. but if that's the way you want to pray, i'm not going to spread hate about YOU just for that. we're backsliding if we're being progressive by hating everyone who doesn't agree with us, guys.
2. jim wallis. his stuff is on the wall in my classroom. hot. i mean, if you ever read this blog you know i'm interested in what's happening in the religious left.
3. condoms and AIDS and catholic relief workers in africa. the fact that religous workers are doing good things in africa doesn't mean that they're doing all the right things, i guess. also worth noting, maybe, that they're trying to do something good. i'm also pretty sure that many of them are handing out condoms, regardless of the nuances of theological thought on the topic.

now, excuse me while i plan a lesson for ash wednesday. [and, a sign of cultural catholicism that i like, overheard at the bar the other night - "ash wednesday's this week? oh, shit."]

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