Sunday, February 17, 2008

youtube + the 80s.

SO FREAKING AWESOME. i swear i remember this entire thing. the orange crayon! and all the crayons go through the chute! thousands of crayons!

okay, but who else thought they remembered it being on mr. rogers? apparently that was false.

hours of entertainment potential here, but for now, but ones i remember well and highly recommend:
put down the duckie, with 1988 celebrity guests. my dad loves this one.
james taylor singing jelly man kelly with long hair, a stache, and random children. he's still just as good live, guys.
ernie convincing bert to talk on a bananaphone. pretty classic moment for them.
the synonym song in the art museum. anyone else remember this one? when the paintings and statues come to life? it's kind of creepy.
we are brothers. awwww. i still get this song in my head sometimes. [should i admit that on the internet?] i think that one or the other of my brothers was a baby the whole time i was watching sesame street, so i'm sure i was fascinated.
and, maybe my favorite - grover as the dancing waiter. i really remember being a little kid and getting frustrated because clearly this wasn't going to end well, which i'm sure is the point. i love the guy getting mad that grover is always the waiter at every restaurant he goes to, i love all the stuff grover keeps yelling to the chef, and i love that i just now understood the words of the song for the first time. i also remember that my dad always thought that this was really funny.

anyway, ever wonder how much this stuff affected us? i mean, i remember it so clearly...


  1. First, yes, I knew that the crayon clip was actually from Sesame Street, but I didn't want to get all "actually guys, I know children's television better than anyone...." Instead, I waited to do that until now.

    Next, I have to send along this clip, because I looove Stevie Wonder and I looove little kids rocking the eff out in the background.

    (And while we're on the topic of kids rockin out, check out these clips from this new show on Nick Jr, Yo Gabba Gabba. Where was this stuff when we were little?! Oh right... on Sesame Street...)

    And, if you want to know how much all of this affected us, I recommend Chapter 8(ish?) of the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a really fascinating look at the impact of educational children's television on the literacy of lower socioeconomic children. (Sesame Street = really good for poor kids).

    Ok, I'm no Planicka, but I'll do my best to start commenting regularly :)

  2. YAY!!! And guess who just got cool enough to start reading friends' blogs!??!

    So I still can't find the postage stamp video (I swear I'm not making this up! But maybe I'm onto something....) Anyhow, here's Bert "Doing the Pigeon"