Friday, February 01, 2008


best conversation of the day, on the phone at 6:20 this morning.
b: hey, it's b.

snow day! snow day! snow day!

roommate and i have been watching a LOT of tv. i woke up during oprah. learned that, in order to catch a man, i need to learn how to listen. then we watched the view, which is still a terrible, terrible show. [although we were both a little too excited that ariel from the little mermaid musical was there. we totally didn't sing along, though. we would never do that.]

now we're watching what not to wear. best show ever. i mean, first this girl insisted that her hideous clothes actually looked good. [they always try to do that, even though obviously they've seen the show and know they're going to lose.] then she cried because she thought she looked so weird in clothes other than her hideous ones. and THEN she cried AGAIN because she felt like stacy and clinton had really changed her life... like she was dressing the part of this confident woman who was inside her all along... [cue the music, right?] i love it. i don't know how they do this so convincingly every single time.

i've also re-read every blog and every site i've ever bookmarked. they're the same.

in other news, i think "right?!" has replaced "seriously" [which, you may remember, replaced "i meannnn"] in the list of words i use too much.

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