Sunday, April 16, 2006


from, on the last new grey's:

Meredith is sitting in the vet's office with her stupid knitting, and the preternaturally chirpy receptionist asks if she's getting the hang of it. Mere says not really. I'll drink to that. Receptionist: "You give up men?" Mere: "No. Yes." She says she doesn't really need to see the vet; she just wants to spend some time with Doc. It's too bad, then, that the vet walks out of the back just then with Doc, and the vet is none other than the surprisingly tasty-looking Chris O'Donnell. Well, hellooooo there, Scruffy McFinerson. Mere gets this "oh, SHIT" look on her face when he introduces himself, and can do nothing but look back down at her knitting. MereVO: "Okay, so it's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game. Right?" We get a gratuitous (but not unwelcome) shot of Chris O'Donnell's ass, and fade out.

well hellooooo there, scruffy mcfinerson. i feel like meredith's type... is very well-defined. i wasn't liking this recap toooo too much until right now, but i'm a total sucker for the fake descriptive name.

also, this from the grey's website [careful, it plays music] FAQs:

But just tell me this: when are Meredith and Derek going to get back together?
Seriously? You think I'm answering that question? Seriously?

Why do you and the characters say "seriously" all the time?
Because Krista Vernoff, one of our valued writers, says it constantly in the Writers' Room. CONSTANTLY. Like, four hundred and fifty times a day. And it is catching. Now we all say it. Seriously. Krista says she caught the "seriously" bug from one of her friends and brought it to work and spread it to all of us. It's an awesome word. Said correctly, it can convey sarcasm, dismay, disbelief, a sense of moral and ethical superiority and gentle chastising punishment all at once. Seriously.

seriously, watch for it on the show. especially in the rerun that was on last week, after alex kisses izzie at the bar. she's just like, "seriously." i've personally added it to my vocabulary to the extent that it's pretty much replaced "i mean." that is, now it means almost nothing. seriously.

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