Monday, April 10, 2006

hello, i'm johnny cash.

i'm kind of into johnny cash's superlow voice. it ain't me, babe. it ain't me you're looking for. babe. [i'm buying the dylan version of this song as soon as stupid lent is over and i can buy music again.]

and a better rocker than liz phair? come on, miz. [ohhhh, i totally went there.]


  1. are you in to johnny cash's voice or are you into joakin phoenix's voice as johnny cash. there's a slight difference.

    have i mentioned i hate joakin phoenix? ...just wanted to throw that one out there....

  2. you've mentioned it. and since i knew nothing about johnny cash at all before the movie, you can draw your own conclusions...

    seriously, i was surprised by the ending. apparently you're not supposed to be.