Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the first rule of blogging

never talk about the blog.

this from miz, who says i am a high maintenance blogger. (i say so is she. she says, "but i don't TALK about my blog outside of my blog. big difference.") i think maybe i'm just high-maintenance in general. but at least i don't think i'm low-maintenance. or, as a certain friend would say, at least i'm self-aware. i really think that covers a multitude of sins. as they say.

got an email from my mom:


I imagine that you already know about the contact lens eye infections...Just doing my job



does anyone know what she means by this? i told her that the random mom paranoid warnings don't reach me as quickly as they reach her. her email is also still titled "Important Question" from another email she sent me, which kind of freaks me out.

let's be honest, anyone who uses as many words in a day as i do has to be some kind of high-maintenance.

and i'd just like to thank the miz... without her, i wouldn't be here on the blogosphere... [nor would i know the word "blogosphere" at all, really.]

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