Friday, April 21, 2006

"there's a hunger in the center of the chest..."

went to barnes today and forgot what i was doing as soon as i walked in the door. like, got sucked in by the "paperback favorites" or something and forgot who i was there to meet. oops. seriously, every time i go there i have to grab myself by the hand and drag myself out the door to keep from buying the entire store. i could buy everything there. when i was little, i used to say i'd like to live in barnes and noble. i think i was inspired by the classic from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler, in which the kids live in the museum. i hope you all read this when you were kids, because it's awesome.

anyway, now i'd just like to be able to buy all of barnes. i could go in there and come out with like ten books every time. yesss. it's so much better than the library, if only for the tables in the middle.

i just watched the west wing "college kids" episode [season 4] that ends with aimee mann singing james taylor's "shed a little light." that is, "let us turn our thoughts today to martin luther king..." you know. i'm such a sucker for political rallies with music. [technically, it was a rock the vote rally, but i'm just saying.] my parents have a record from the no nukes concert in the seventies that totally rocks, speaking of james taylor. i mean, maybe i've seen him live twice and maybe he is completely awesome at life.

does anyone [kristen, i know you do] think about the songs that political candidates use? was it kerry who was using elvis's "a little less conversation, a little more action" as his campaign song until someone was like, "um, senator? i think that song's about, um, sex." or something. or was it clinton? i'm not trying to make a joke, seriously.

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