Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"life is a B movie, it's stupid and it's strange..."

today i've been listening to a lot of cheryl wheeler, and i'm kind of obsessed with this one:

must have been gandhi or buddha or someone like that
must have saved lives by the hundreds everywhere i went
must have brought rest to the restless and fed the hungry too
must have done something great to get to have you
- cheryl wheeler, gandhi/buddha

talked to cara [!!!] on gmail chat [which i love more every day, all you naysayers] and she told me what tomorrow's going to be like [because she lives in the marshall islands and it's tomorrow there, see]. so that's awesome. it will be 85 and sunny and the answer to number 4 on the decimals quiz is 1.1, just so you know.

"life's like a paper box filled with spaghetti..." - spence, imitating ani and her random metaphors. love it.

also, let me just point out that everyone in the NL central has a winning record except pittsburgh. i'm still thinking that we can be awesome at baseball this year. i would really, really like to be at a reds game right now.

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