Sunday, February 17, 2008

"i know a good thing when i see it..."

had some of my favorites visiting this weekend and remembered, again, how many amazingly good things happen when they're around. like getting a table for six at orange in about five minutes on a saturday morning.

a girl at the next table leaned over and said, "hey, i saw your storypeople - is there a store that sells them here in chicago?" [it's in lincoln square, by garcia's - so go there after you get a $3 tostada.] i love making friends based on things i like. and i love being part of a nice table and talking to the waitress about what we're celebrating and generally feeling like i'm surrounded by people who are good in all the right ways. [except that we lied and said that our party was all present. and we stole someone else's table by accident. but that wasn't OUR fault.]

went to a young alumni mass today, and it was lovely - but i hate when the main topic of the homily is what we miss about college. especially when we're talking about liturgy, although i guess we want mass to be done well all the time. the priest did tie it into the transfiguration with the whole "coming down from the mountain" thing, and he pointed out that the mission of our university is to send us out.

i just - well, i think it alienates people to talk about how perfect college was if they didn't like it. and, even more than that, i love my life now. i miss college, and i miss my friends, and i miss knowing people wherever i go, and i miss class, and i miss sweatpants, but i really don't want to go back there. [this might be because grad school wasn't quite as thrilling.]

anyone else notice that i'm really into blogging lately?

also, you're all going to need to step it up on the comments when planicka goes to hang out with the lemurs. i'm just saying.

i know a good thing when i see it
it's a bad thing to let go
- patty larkin

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