Friday, February 08, 2008


sick days are not that fun when you're actually sick.

notable episodes of TV i've watched today:
1. without a trace, with the girl who played sam's friend the hooker on the west wing. i like her. i wish she could have stayed on the show - but then, i also wish sam could have stayed on the show.
2. an episode of law and order with the actress who played leo's wife on the west wing. coincidental, right? law and order isn't my favorite crime show, but at least i haven't seen all of them. didn't finish the episode, though. kind of boring.
3. the OC where they all have a lot of relationship drama and then all end up together at the end. oh wait...
4. the seinfeld where he's dating the girl who's always naked. "naked coughing, man... it's a turnoff." it's also the one where kramer gets the garbage disposal in his shower. what a great episode. i haven't watched seinfeld much since high school, but this one's definitely a keeper.
5. about five seconds of the seinfeld where they're waiting for the table at the chinese restaurant. i HATE that episode. it's as bad as waiting for a table yourself.

something's bugging me about the difference between theology and pastoral practice. hang on. i'll get to it.

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