Thursday, April 03, 2008

girl on a wire

totally got called out for being a counting crows fan today.

b: when i was bored in high school, i used to write song lyrics in my notes all the time.
h: oh yeah?
b: yeah, i found one of my old notebooks and it was like, full of counting crows lyrics.
h: i was just going to SAY counting crows!

that obvious, huh. [i mean, there are several nerdy things about this conversation, but whatevs. it happened at school, okay?]

the new counting crows album
is SO GOOD. maybe their best since august and everything after. liked it better, the first time i heard it, than any other album of theirs. i mean, you have to like the adam duritz whine first, but - yeah. and if any of you are superfans, washington square is on there and it's just as good as we always dreamed it would be when it was just a mysterious bootleg.

um, thoughts from getting the amazon link, above - when did CDs get so cheap? is this an itunes development? and what the hell is amazon mp3? where have i BEEN?

adam duritz is 43 years old, fyi.

i've thought a lot recently about the mcsweeney's open letter about telling someone you just sent them an email. i've also been giggling to myself in public about drinking hipster beer.

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