Monday, April 14, 2008

man, i could have posted this from the bus.

got this email today from one of my favorites:
On the metro right now and just saw a sign advising people to take the
green line train to the papal mass on april 14.

Pope + helpful public transportation (equals*) something that reminds
me of b.

*my blackberry doesn't have an equals sign.
things i love about this email:
1. public transportation
2. the pope
3. use of a blackberry

there was a actually a controversy about a metro ad featuring the pope as a bobble-head doll. it even made wait wait this weekend. you can't make this stuff up...

the article is actually called "Pope Bobblehead Ad Given the Bounce." you REALLY can't make this stuff up.

insights to be gained from this post:
1. if public transportation is good enough for the pope, it's good enough for me.
2. i want a blackberry so bad.

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