Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tuesday AGAIN.

k: it's a bad sign when it's only tuesday... and you're already thinking about retirement...
m: [pause] especially when it's your third year of teaching.

on faith and reason - i heard a report of a conversation in which an academic was questioning why anyone would ever leave teaching to be a DRE. um, hey now. if no one were doing parish religious education, academic theologians would be out of a job. if what we're doing isn't affecting the people in the pews, then what are we doing? theology can't be an exclusively academic discipline. and that's my two cents.

on baseball - "Trying to get ex-Mariner Ken Griffey Jr. to talk about himself is like trying to get Rickey Henderson to not talk about himself. The 38-year-old Cincinnati Reds outfielder will talk about his family until the cows come home and go back out again." seriously, only the dayton daily news. i do have a co-worker, though, who supports my love of the reds only because he had a ken griffey jr. poster in his room when he was a kid - because who doesn't love ken griffey?

on the internet - please give mead releases new grad-school-ruled notebook a read. nicely done throughout.

[b: they're all in the meadhouse, drinking ale or something...
a: mead! they're drinking mead!
e: it makes me think they're drinking notebooks. you know, like mead notebooks?

that's from memory, because SOMEONE still has my quotebook.]

and how many wicker park hipsters does it take to change a light bulb? [what, you don't know?]

also, maybe my favorite thing of the day:
"hey, we all have our ironies." - one of my fabulous co-workers, on the pope's prada shoes. i love it. expect me to use this a lot to defend myself in the future. i'm not hypocritical. i'm not living a lie. i'm IRONIC.

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