Saturday, April 26, 2008

the man's got a point.

"there isn't anyone who hates anyone as much as people hate the cta."
- drunk guy on the belmont platform.

i mean, he had a point. two brown line trains had gone by while we were waiting for a red line. odd that a friend from mexico had just given us all a rant about how terrible the cta is - which, compared to mexico city, it apparently really is. i had agreed that a city that's very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter isn't an ideal place to have an elevated track, and then, wouldn't you know it - a cold front comes in, and i'm on the platform freezing.

clearly, i still love the cta. don't you all worry. but what IS this with people talking to me while i have my ipod in? isn't the whole point of ipods that you're being completely anti-social? isn't that why people hate them? i mean, honestly. i've already decided to be kind of passively rude. and yet, i've had more conversations while trying to listen to npr podcasts...

other insights by drunk guy:
"even the buses aren't running on schedule. because they would never schedule three buses right behind each other."
"i don't have to be drunk to know the cta's shit."

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