Monday, April 07, 2008

"if i have weaknesses, don't let them blind me now..."

does everyone know that paul simon song? or the whole rhythm of the saints album, for that matter? it's so rockin. and underappreciated, so you can usually get it used for about a dollar.

so, we flipped channels a lot tonight...

i never know what the hell is going on in one tree hill. but man, they stuff that show full of good music. [be aware that i secretly love this show. and by that i mean, i make fun of my roommate for watching it and then yell when she changes the channel.] seriously, though, i think maybe they just don't constantly review the plot like other shows do. whose kid are you? those guys are brothers? and who is secretly in love with whom? the dream sequences in this one don't help, either. or the fact that the cute kid has been kidnapped by his former nanny, who is now being followed by the murderous grandpa.

okay, so on one tree hill, they also had a wedding in a church, by a minister wearing a robe and a stole, without mentioning the word God. i mean, okay - "we're here to give thanks for the couple. and their friends. it's a mystery why we fall in love. but we do." i don't think i want all my evangelizing done by the CW, but isn't it weirder to leave the God part out completely?

i HATE, hate, hate the part of deal or no deal in which they find out what would have happened.

so my mom had a ticket for a skybus flight that was cancelled when they [along with aloha and ata] went out of business. apparently the moral of the story is to use your gift cards while you can, in case the company goes out of business. i mean, people are getting screwed, right? my favorite news story - "southwest airlines is honoring cancelled ata tickets on their flights... but only ones that have the same destination." right. they're not flying people to random places, or other cities. i love everything said in the serious news voice.

"muscle memory. very useful in remembering things you forgot. but the heart is also a muscle..." - samantha who, of all shows.

"she's such a baby. i feel like i'm hanging out with my - a BABY." - the bachelor. well said.

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