Monday, May 26, 2008

storypeople fixes everything?

so i was in a little bit of a mood today, and not really up for jewel's bullshit.
b: can you help me find something? spicy v-8.
jewel manager: hmm, yes. it's in the juice aisle.
b: THIS isn't the juice aisle?
jm: no. this is the pop and snacks aisle.
b: i looked over by the orange juice. that's not the juice aisle?
jm: no, that's the dairy aisle. [decides i need a lot of help] here, i'll walk you over there.
b: [feeling snarky] what if i want spicy v-8 as a snack?
jm: what? oh, well that's the thing. some people do. but see, it's not a refrigerated juice.
b: yeah, i wasn't sure whether you had to refrigerate it or not...
jm: [solemnly] only after you open it.
in my defense, i don't really drink juice unless i'm sick. and also, jewel sucks. i swear that they put things in the wrong places just to make you buy more stuff. it took me like six months to realize that they have on the border salsa, because it's in the chip aisle with the tostitos salsa and not in the mexican aisle with every other salsa. grrr, branding.

in better news, look what i got today!

for the record, i did NOT steal it from kristen. she put it back. THEN i picked it up.

i may also be suffering from a little thing called "i saw a lot of people i love this weekend, and then all of a sudden they all went home." let's hang out more, friends.

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