Sunday, May 18, 2008

truth is mighty and will prevail.

yayyy for hearing martin sheen talk about how much he loves notre dame - oh, and also, hearing people from notre dame talk about how amazing he is. there's a video of him on the home page, too, but who knows how the hell the new site works. too many videos for me. he's so amazing, though, and graduation's going on right now, so stay tuned for more updates.

a very old, very good friend moved in this weekend, and i brought over some housewarming treats in a reusable jewel bag. and you know what she said when i gave them to her? "here, don't forget your democrat bag." love it. i love having friends who have been around long enough to re-start talking about politics, after we stopped talking about politics to save our friendship about seven years ago.

this is kind of like the time i was wearing my "army sister" sweatshirt and another friend told me that it made me look like a republican. i'm just the victim of all kinds of stereotypes, apparently.


i sat down on the bus the other morning, and an old man in a newsies-style hat said, "i see you have a book, there." this was the beginning of a conversation about how you need to have a master's degree to earn any kind of money in this city. i'm starting to feel like random conversations with strangers are kind of normal.

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