Sunday, May 25, 2008

if you're looking for a theme, this post is about love.

so the irresistible revolution is pretty much rocking my life. i'm going to go ahead and recommend it to anyone who's interested in ending poverty, loving jesus, or changing their lives. or all three. i mean, i've had a crush on shane claiborne since i first read his stuff on the God's politics blog. [his commitment to the single life apparently isn't a problem for me.] i'm still halfway through the book, though, so hang on and i'll see if i can blog about it later. i think my favorite think about it so far is how honest he is about his own conversion. it's not preachy. so far, very well done.

i'm pretty sure i saw someone sharing candy with a stranger on the bus today. then he goes, "they're making these chocolate-covered now. werther's originals? i work in a store, so i know. we're getting them in next week." nice.

had one of the best waiters of my life today at the outdoor cafe - pretty sure he helped us pull together like nine tables, split our checks, and made sure we all got what we wanted and extra napkins, too. i mean, it was a busy touristy place on a holiday weekend, and he stopped to ask us why we were so dressed up. awesome. [we were like, oh, this is just what we do on sundays.] then i flirted with the barista at intelligentsia and got two punches in my punch card. took the bus to my favorite falafel place, and made friends with the guy there, too. [i said my falafel was for here, and he goes, "so you're eating dinner with us! yay."] and i mention all this because i think i either need to translate my flirting skills into the real world OR start dating people who work at places i like to eat. actually, that second one might be a good option. hmm.

i'm watching SVU and feeling really frustrated that i can't rewind it to figure out what just happened. [stupid parents' house, getting me all spoiled with your DVR.] i think fin just called eliot a "rat bastard," though, so that's something.

man, i had missed this commercial:
dad: did you kids choose your five yet?
sister: sarah, beth, crystal, jackie, and jenny.
little brother: that's funny, i chose sarah, beth, crystal, jackie, and jenny. [pause] your friends are HOT.
sister: [protests to dad] are you going to do anything?!
dad: maybe you should have uglier friends.
my pretty friends went to a wedding today, in which the minister apparently talked about how people think that marriage restricts your freedom. there were some comments [at the classic between wedding and reception get-together] about how there are always negative things about marriage in wedding sermons. today, after some debate, the people who were actually at the wedding decided that the minister turned it around by saying that marriage makes you more free because you can succeed or fail in life and still be loved. [note that i already feel that way, thanks to all of you...]

interesting, though - what do you say about marriage in a society with a marriage track record like ours? i think that the most badass marriage homily i ever heard started with negative statistics, then turned around with the phrase "but we know that our God lives." our God LIVES. BAM.

watch out - a gossip girl copycat is out and about in real life and causing some controversy, obviously. but does anyone else think this is really good writing for an eighth grader?

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