Friday, May 23, 2008

"you're a teacher?!"

NEW INDIANA JONES MOVIE IS SO AWESOME. so awesome, because it's just like the other ones, only better. no pretending to be something it's not. this is a classic, cheesy-as-hell indiana jones movie. lots of car chases and communists in this one - if you liked the other ones, you've got to see it.

there was a guy behind me in the theater who, in response to the annoying movie preview guy, said, "give me a shovel. somebody needs to die." i mean, a shovel? really?

guy behind me: it's amazing. we'd never watch all these commercials at home, but here, they make us watch them.
woman with him: yeah, i think that's exactly their evil plan!
gbm: it's like being on lost.

one of the commercials before the movie was about how cops are now enforcing seat belt laws. it's one of those commercials i really love to hate. in it, a 20-something cop pulls over another 20-something guy. the guy in the car's like, "hey, seriously? what did i do?" and the cop tells him he forgot his turn signal and isn't wearing his seat belt. the guy's like, oh, sorry - and the cop says he'll give him a warning for the turn signal. we're supposed to notice that they're friends. then the guy in the car's like, "you coming to the game watch saturday? hey, wait, what are you writing?" the cop writes him a ticket for the seat belt, and is like, "see you saturday, man." the voice over's all, "we're cracking down on seat belt violations, ohio."

i hate this commercial because apparently the message is that you have to wear your seat belt even if the cop who pulls you over happens to be your friend. not really a useful message for me.

n: i hate that noise. don't you?
b: not as much as i hate your FACE.
n: ahhh, we look alike. making all face jokes and your mom jokes invalid!

i always say that my brother is the only person who gets all my jokes. problem is, he also one-ups all my insults.

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