Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the aroma of the heart

"Firmly deploring all forms of violence, His Holiness hopes that the blood shed by such a faithful disciple of the Gospel will be a seed of hope to build an authentic fraternity among peoples, in mutual respect of the religious convictions of every one." [zenit]

well, i hope so, too. and i swear, someone gave the pope instructions like "i don't want to turn on the tv tomorrow morning without hearing you talk about your comments." [i think that line's from the west wing. likely? yes.] he talked about it at the UN, it was translated into arabic - and i'm sure this will be the last time he gives an academic lecture that leaves anything unclear.

here's an interesting issue that i heard about today. the movie facing the giants was apparently given a PG rating for "explicit religious content" - or for mentioning depression and infertility, depending on who you talk to. and now they've changed it, i think to "explicit thematic content," which means nothing. obviously many people are saying things like "evil hollywood censors religion more than sex or violence." anyway, it's an interesting issue. should parents be warned that their kids are watching a movie that [again, depending on who you talk to] is either trying to convert them or accurately portraying what christians are like.

you can google your own opinions on this - they're varied. trailer looks good, though.

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