Saturday, September 23, 2006

madonna and veggie tales in the same article. maybe she could do a song for them?

okay, i know this isn't the first thing on many of your minds, but there's this controversy over airing veggie tales on NBC without the explicit references to God. the thing i think is interesting is that the creator of the show is being so awesome about it. it's hard to be civil and reasonable when people are tossing around words like "satan" and "apostate" and calling you a sellout - especially when, apparently, all this wasn't your choice anyway. he's standing up for someone else's choice, using the bible (which is really, really important to his audience) to back up his argument, ultimately leaving the judgment up to his critics, and altogether coming off really really cool. you all may know that i don't really agree with the "christians are strangers in this world" stuff that ends this post - i think it can be a really dangerous line of theology, especially when i see it used with young people who already know that there are good things about the world, too. but props for faith and reason, mr. veggie tales creator.

in the nytimes article about this, there's also an interesting quote from madonna about her controversial NBC concert - "I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today, he would be doing the same thing." are any of her critics reading this and, you know, respecting it? thinking that maybe she makes a valid point? i'm not saying madonna is my new spiritual director, but i don't really think we can say who God is and isn't speaking to.

i think my favorite grey's is "the self-destruct button" - the one that starts with meredith's roommates finding out she's sleeping with mcdreamy and has all the tiredness and anger and the patient who had his friend shoot him.

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