Thursday, September 21, 2006


on the katie couric piece - you can tell which one of them is a well-known writer and speaker and which one is not. "30 million children are living in poverty" sounds better than "more and more people agree with us on the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage," and "america is searching for a new moral center" sounds better than "the center is where you usually find the dead cats and skunks that have been run over." and i don't think it's just because i agree with one

these things scare me:
IDs for voting, so that poor people stop coming to the polls.
christianity forced on the army, because what? yeah, let's separate church and state, except for in the people who fight to keep us free.
i know the nytimes editorial people pretty much play on fear and being bitter mcbittersons, but still.

and i'm not really sure what to say about them reds. i realize that my blog name, once again, is a lie - i haven't talked about baseball, nor have i talked about much except religion and politics lately. grey's update later? smiles?

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