Friday, September 22, 2006

charity and justice are the two feet of... something...

"But charity is not justice – that’s where good public policies come in."

favorite things about grey's last night:
1. christina's "he's standing there all mcguilty and all he has to say..." i love christina's constant indignation, and i love how she defends meredith even when meredith is annoying.
2. how everyone in the show is always, always talking about something other than what they seem to be talking about. the patients are all so profound, and the doctors speak in secret codes about their life problems and the people they love... i don't care, i love it. :)

"you are my joy" by reindeer section is still the best song grey's has used yet (season 1, "winning the battle, losing the war") but i loved mat kearney's "all i need" last night.

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