Monday, September 25, 2006

there's a copyright violation

"is this a joke?"
"we're counting on it."

dear aaron sorkin, do you think we've never seen any of your other shows? because we're all watching studio 60 only because we're sorkin fans. only. and you've used at least two west wing lines [government camp, and something about... oh, i forget] and one west wing joke [she forgot the NAMES because she's NEW] halfway through this episode. and there's the talking about someone for a long time so that the other person knows you're in love with them! classic!

do you think that, when you're brilliant, you can quote yourself by accident? i mean, i quote the west wing all the time and i used to think that monica and chandler were my actual friends. so is aaron reacting the way i react when i've watched too much of one show?

it's surreal, though, seeing lines i know delivered by a different character on a different show. and there are several sorkin seasons i've never seen...

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